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Google Docs As Code Runner – How To Run A Code Using Google Doc

Google Docs As Code Runner – As the name itself says Google Docs are used for creating documents and their related files which can be retrieved anywhere across the devices using its provided account information. The fact is that it is a great platform that can be used both online and offline. It allows access to many people to work at the same time simultaneously where the modifications will be saved from time to time automatically. Here the copying and pasting of contents become non-essential.

In addition to that Google Docs can be used as a CODE RUNNER. Yes, the multitasking feature is available where the JavaScript codes are majorly in the concern but it isn’t a programming IDE. Considering one such powerful collaborative tool. It’s an efficient tool for a program developer or a facilitator.

How to run a code in Google Docs

How do we add a code/script in Google Docs? & Use Google Docs as Code Runner

The first thing we have to consider is setting up the Application Programming Interface and its supporting tools. The one that facilitates us in this is CODE BLOCKS- a syntax highlighter exclusively for Google Docs.


This link below of Nadia Iqbal shows a quick demonstration of installing code blocks in Google Docs and formatting the scripts by highlighting.

The code block is from the Google Workspace Marketplace which has plenty of tools. The free Add-on option is provided to include our well-formatted code in Google Docs. This feature uses the eval() function of JavaScript. It has the ability to automatically intend as we type providing various theme options as per the user’s requirement. One can simply check the function’s output and the corresponding error just by selecting the “Run-Run function” which can be seen in the browser tap option.

The convenience of using Code Blocks in Google Docs:

▪ By authorising the permission in the Google account the installation of code blocks becomes hustle free and ready to use
▪ Follows the syntax rules according to the language that we use in the block
▪ Automatically formats the code for which the user doesn’t have to copy and paste

▪ Easy to edit without any diminishing of the entire code We cannot say this is a complete programming platform in which huge execution can be done yet it can provide a better overview of how the script actually works and its results at the time of the presentation.
So as you got to know that adding blocks of code in Google Docs is merely a few clicks away, and fellow developers can have access to the documents of code over the cloud as well.

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