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How To Digital Stickers Using Canva

Here let’s get into the idea of Creating Digital stickers using an efficient tool CANVA where these can be incorporated into digital planners, e-books, calendars, and many other digital products. This gives an embellished look which makes your design more attractive. The designer or the illustrator who is more creative can come up with multiple Digital Stickers using this tool Canva.

Installation of Canva:

To install the CANVA application first we need to get into their website Here it asks for the account creation to sign up for first-time users where the existing users can log in and giving respective information.

Canva is available on all the platforms like Windows, iOS, and Android with updated versions. So the downloading of Canva becomes way easier at the user’s convenience.

Canva Digital Stickers:


For the ability to create digital stickers in Canva we need the latest version of the application which is Canva Pro. Since the online digital sticker is in the file .png format. It has a transparent background which means we can put it on any other worksheets or .pdf.

Got to Canva, and clicking on Create Design shows up the various available sizes and designs for digital stickers. If one needs for a custom size there is this ‘+’ symbol. The manual size can be given accurately.

Now the blank workspace will be created. For insertion of designs for instance go for ‘Elements’ and select for shapes and colours which will appear in the workspace. There are a number of temples from which the user can insert instantly. A quick tip is rather than inserting the same shape or a design multiple times and doing the process repeatedly one can just ‘copy and paste’ the pattern. That’s it. The resizing or alignment of the design can also be done by navigating the arrow tool. Once satisfied with the output the entire page in which the separate elements are inserted can be grouped as one in order to add for another sticker.

Here if the sticker needs more of a text detailing then there are various ‘text font styles’ available in Canva as templates. The custom text can also be edited with color schemes. It’s up to the creator’s imagination to play with the hues and shadows of the text for making it look more impressive than the usual digital stickers.


After the insertion of the texts what if it needs a little dramatic detail? For that by clicking on ‘Effects,’ it has some default options for editing like Shadow, Lift, Hallow, Echo, Glitch, Neon, and Curve. Each one has its own properties. The opacity and the pressure value can be adjusted to the sticker that we create. The effect of that will be shown in the text that we have inserted on the sticker page.

Once we have created the digital stickers, how do we use them across various platforms? Across what file formats we can use them? Here we have to ‘download’ the sticker in the .png format so that’s how it makes the digital sticker have a transparent background. In order to have a great quality of image the compressing of file should be avoided while downloading the digital sticker. The desired stickers which have been created on the Canva page can be selected for the download. The downloaded stickers can be moved to the user’s required location which is even accessible through the cloud.

These digitally created stickers can also be used in photo or image editing softwares. This can be done in Canva through the printable that one needs to access. By clicking on ‘upload media’ the digital stickers will be ready to insert into the page with transparent background. Not only the creator can design digital stickers for their own purposes but can also sell their products to other users as well.

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