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Most Useful Twitter Bots


• What are Twitter Bots?
• Types and their uses
• Identifying bots
• Useful Twitter bots that are available

What are Twitter Bots?

It’s nothing but a type of back-end automated software bot that controls the entire function of a Twitter Account through its Application Program Interface. It performs the actions like tweeting and retweeting, following and unfollowing people, liking a tweet or a post, and direct messaging to a follower or any other user. Twitter bots can be used both wisely and in an improper way.

The proper functioning of Twitter bots includes showing up creative content in the user’s profile and having the motive to spread a useful message or content so that it can reach as many people as possible automatically. These automation bots contain a certain set of rules on their own. Likewise in parallel unwanted bots create spamming, crossing over users’ privacy, and misleading messages as well. It’s completely determined by the bot programmer’s purpose. That’s why in most cases in several applications the program asks the users to enter the captcha code in order to prove that we are not a Bot.

Types of commonly used Twitter Bots:

Twitter Social Bots- Optimistic functionality
Twitter Social Bots- Negative influence

Optimistic functionality

For instance, if the user is willing to respond to a group of tweets or any posts instead of sending it a single response to every user these Twitter bots can help in creating a script or a program that lets the account act autonomously which automatically posts the user’s messages.

Negative influence

In most cases, the Twitter followers of a known person or a celebrity, or an influencer are bots or spam accounts. There is a significant number of Twitter bots which is undeniable. There are many popular sites for checking the bot followers which resulted in many fake accounts and spam bots. These bots generate malicious content or misinformation across the media where the people can’t recognize if that’s an actual person or a negative bot behind. To some extent the user can teach the bot to analyze it a posting is positive or negative. So that the little bot can post the fitting answer to the corresponding tweets.

Identification of Bots

Classifying a million tweets by hand takes a long time and relatively few automated Twitter accounts identify themselves as bots. This becomes confusing for the actual user to know if that account is a bot or not. Pew Research studies such activities by analyzing all the tweeted links, the age of the account holder, the contents they share, and many factors. By doing so it’s estimated that two-thirds are bots. So in order to determine which of the accounts are bots there are a few tools that come in handy. One of the effective tools is Botometer- a machine learning algorithm.

What it does do? It checks the Twitter account’s activity and history and scores it accordingly. Thus classifying the bot activity. Twitter Bots can be created right from scratch by any individual in two ways. One is by using the programming interface/ coding. The other is free from any coding.

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Useful Twitter Bots:

Some of the best Twitter bots to follow are:

1. Turns the usual black and white theme into a bright palette for tweets- (@colorize_bot)
2. Many games are available as an open-source-(@freegamefinding)
3. Helps to read threads easier-(@threadreaderapp)
4. Helps in improving websites and their services-(@useviral)
5. Time to time reminder for the users to any tweet-(@remindme_ofthis)
6. To take a screenshot and edit the tweet-(@pikaso_me)
7. Quote a tweet or comment by mentioning-(@quotedreplies).

For any further encounters the bot issues it’s advised to report to the Twitter team immediately to avoid spam or other problems.